Jenn Bindon RN, RM

Jenn Bindon, Prairie Midwivesd
Jenn's BIO
I did not choose to become a midwife, becoming a midwife chose me.

Growing up, I knew nothing of midwifery. Nothing. I wanted to be a nurse. So, I started the nursing program in 1995 at Red Deer College and after the first year had decided that I hated it. But, not knowing what else to do, I forged on. I started the maternal-child portion of the program in my second year and promptly fell in love. I loved working with women, loved the babies, and loved having the opportunity to see the miracle of birth everyday. I met an amazing midwife, Barb Bodiguel, at the hospital and worked with her during a few births. I saw how she treated the women differently, how birth was somehow different when she was in the room, it was so much more beautiful, intimate, and powerful. I still loved nursing, but midwifery was somehow so much more. It wasn't until after I graduated in 1999, and took a course in a large teaching hospital that I realized that something was wrong. Birth there was not what I thought it should be, it was not what I thought it was 'supposed' to be.

My 'real' education began in late 1999 when I started practicing nursing on the maternity unit at Red Deer Regional Hospital. I learned so much about birth in those first two years, I also learned that I didn't quite fit with the philosophy of birth that I was seeing at the hospital. I started reading a lot, went to conferences, trying my best to learn as much as I could about normal, natural birth. It all made so much sense! I attended my first home birth as a doula for a friend, and since then have been completely hooked. I found it! I found my calling.

After having my beautiful daughter, and overcoming a few roadblocks along the way, I began my midwifery education in 2008 at the Midwives College of Utah. I graduated in 2010 and was fortunate enough to start practicing right away. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with the women in Central Alberta. I love this beautiful community. I am constantly in awe of the power and strength of the women and families that I work with. I am truly a blessed woman to be able to do exactly what I love. Thank you mommies, babies, daddies, partners, friends, family, doctors, nurses, and colleagues for making me who I am today. I am also fortunate enough to boast about my beautiful family, for without them, this work couldn't be possible for me.

Tina Henry, RM

Prairie Midwives
Tina's BIO
Midwifery has been a passion and goal of mine since I had the benefit of receiving midwifery care with my second and third babies. I knew that midwifery was an all or nothing commitment, so my journey to where I am today was a long and scenic road of learning as I raised my babies.

I am married and have three children that keep me entertained most days and definitely on my toes! I have lived in the Red Deer area for most of my life, and currently live on a hobby farm with my family 20 minutes east of Red Deer. 

The first baby step in my journey towards midwifery began after completing my doula training in 2000. I had already given birth to my first son, and knew that there had to be a better way than the medical procedure that had I had just experienced. My journey was slow and tentative, but the birth of my second son at home in the water healed me and completed me in ways I could never have thought possible. My life was forever changed with the knowledge that I could question, and ultimately make choices that were best for my family and I. My passion for caring for women, and ultimately midwifery took over and I spent the next 11 years planning for the day that I could pursue midwifery education.

I have attended dozens of women as a doula, supported nearly as many women through their breastfeeding journeys, and began the Bachelor of Science Nursing program before getting the great news that I had been accepted in Mount Royal University’s Bachelor of Midwifery program! Without a backwards glance, I left the nursing program and transferred to the midwifery program at Mount Royal.
My hobbies are reading, camping, playing the piano, and enjoying life’s teaching moments with my children. Aside from being a midwife, I am also part owner of an environmentally friendly cleaning company that services both the commercial and residential sector. My life is full, but oh so enjoyable! 

I feel blessed to be living my dream and supporting women in achieving the birth they desire. I am so thankful to be a part of the team of midwives at Prairie Midwives. As a group, we are committed to empowering women and their families as they grow. I look forward to being a part of your pregnancy, birth and early parenting experience!

Shehana Woodland, RM

Prairie Midwives
Shehanna's BIO
I am excited and blessed to have joined the Prairie Midwives team as a 2016 graduate of the program at Mount Royal University, where I was part of their second cohort of trained in Alberta midwives.

I grew up in rural Pakistan as the child of missionary parents where home births were the norm rather than the exception. I gained an early awareness of women’s health issues, and when I returned to Canada at age 9, my interest continued to grow. I always loved learning about mothers and babies but I have to give credit to my high school biology teacher for increasing my fascination with pregnancy and birth. While sitting in the classroom watching birth videos I came to the conclusion that this was the work I wanted to do. It is a beautiful journey to be a part of and I wanted to be a part of it as a midwife. I decided to pursue a midwifery education as a means to helping expecting mothers and babies in their birth journeys.

I completed a Bachelor’s Degree of Midwifery in 2016 at Mount Royal University and was able to learn from practitioners in rural and urban Alberta and the Bahamas. Through 4 years of rigorous academic and clinical education I have grown to love Midwifery for all of its ups and downs. I am excited to continue this journey as a practitioner, working with the fantastic Prairie Midwives and learning and celebrating with the women and families I care for. To have the opportunity to work in “rural” Alberta at this time is a real blessing.

Outside of the clinic I enjoy almost all things outdoors. I find myself spending much of my out of clinic time finding new mountains to climb, riding my bicycle, and training for new adventures.

Melissa Roberts RM

Prairie Midwives
Melissa's BIO
Where to begin? I was born and raised in a very tiny community on the northern most tip of Newfoundland. Some people ask me if it’s in the middle of nowhere, it’s not, but I can see it from there. I grew up hearing about midwives and homebirth, but in Newfoundland that was a thing of the past. Birth was always something that was of interest to me, but thinking my only option was to be an obstetrician, which I thought to be too medical for my liking, I started my first degree at Memorial University of Newfoundland in Mathematics. (Yes you read that correctly!) While I use little of my math degree now, the ongoing joke with my dad is that I use it to count babies!

Getting close to the completion of my math degree I started to panic as I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life. I sought out career counselling and after an hour personality assessment my number one career match was midwifery! Midwifery! I could actually pursue a career where I could support mothers, and families, to make informed choices about their pregnancies and births, and I could deliver babies in a gentle environment, in a non-medical model. To me that was just perfect! In 2009 I began the Midwifery Education Program at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario. I was so amazed to be sharing a classroom with a group of women who all had one common goal, normal birth. Throughout the program I did clinical placements in London, Ontario, home in Newfoundland, and in Ottawa, Ontario. When I graduated in 2013 I started working as a Registered Midwife with Ottawa Valley Midwives.

I always saw myself practicing midwifery in Alberta. Knowing that I could not be a midwife in Newfoundland, I chose to chase love, family, and friends to this beautiful province. My brother lived a few years in Red Deer and while visiting him I fell in love with the city. After meeting with Jenn and learning about her philosophy of midwifery care I knew it was the perfect fit for me. It took longer than I hoped to get here but I am so thrilled to finally be part of Prairie Midwives. When I’m not being a midwife you can find me somewhere outside. I love to hunt, fish, snowmobile, boat, geocache, and anything else outdoorsy. I cannot wait to meet and share in your birth experiences

Kayla Blinkhorn, RM

Prairie Midwives
Kayla's BIO
I am thrilled to be joining the team here at Prairie Midwives! A little bit about me… I grew up in rural Saskatchewan and moved to Sylvan Lake with my family in 2002. I always knew I wanted a career in a field that involved working with people and learning about the human body but the midwifery dream didn't come to me until I was a few years into my nursing career. I graduated from Red Deer College with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2010.

Initially, I began working in the emergency department but soon found out it was not for me. I felt I was missing the relationships with patients that often could not be built with the fast pace environment of the ER. I then began working in a local rural hospital where they provided labour and delivery care and soon fell in love. I took a position on the labour and delivery unit in Red Deer in April 2012 and have been at home there ever since. I continue to work there in a casual position. I have learned so much from the nurses, doctors and patients there and am forever grateful for this and the spark it gave me to pursue midwifery! Even though I enjoy my job as a nurse, I feel my values of what the birth experience can be for the childbearing person and their family closely align to midwifery philosophy. This lead me down this amazing path. I completed the post baccalaureate midwifery program at Ryerson University in Toronto in July 2017. Living in Toronto was an adventure but it also made me realize that I am not a city girl! But, I will tell you driving in Toronto is much easier than you might think! I learned from some excellent midwives whom also influenced my feminist beliefs. They not only taught how to provide high quality midwifery care at home, birth center and hospital births but also the importance of midwifery to be involved in political and social justice aspects of maternal and newborn health. My education secured in my mind that this is the life path I want to be on! I strongly believe in informed choice and being a 'guide' for my clients to allow for an empowering birth experience. I am married to my wonderful husband Jamieson, who is a high school teacher. We enjoy playing many different sports, participating in lots of different outdoor activities and spending time with our families. I also enjoy doing yoga and reading (often the Harry Potter books over and over again). In the summer, you will often find us at the beach or on a boat. I cannot wait to get to know you and be part of your birth journey!