"It was truly a breath of fresh air being able to experience midwifery care with Jess and Jenn for our second pregnancy. We never felt rushed at any of our appointments as all of our questions/concerns were always answered. Should any questions arise outside of our scheduled appointments, we were able to contact them and put our minds at ease. To be viewed as a person and not a patient was absolutely wonderful. Every decision we made pre- and post-natal, was respected and we never felt judged or questioned. Although the stars did not align for us to have our home birth, we were very happy to be able to have a "home" birth while at the hospital. The birth process was so relaxed - progressing naturally and uninterrupted as it should. We look forward to the success of "Prairie Midwives" and should we decide to have another, Jess and Jenn will be the first people on our "We are pregnant!" call list! Wishing you many Beautiful Births!"
Jan & Trevor Sopracolle

"Prairie midwives have been a God send for our family. From our first visit to our last they empowered us to discover and make possible the birth we wanted for our family. Even when I had a few complications towards the end they stood by our side giving reassurance and support. In the end they helped us to bring our beautiful little girl into the world as naturally and as safe as possible. If you"re looking to have a home birth or midwife assisted hospital birth they will be the team you want on your side[:)]"
Delia and Steve Trenholm

"Midwifery care from Jenn & Jess was superb! They offered sound advice, encouragement & support throughout my pregnancy, delivery & just as importantly with our postpartum care. It was so nice to go to a small, clean office for all of the prenatal appointments & be greeted in such an informal, friendly & comfortable atmosphere. Our hospital delivery was so smooth & it was so lovely to be able to trust my bodies innate ability to do what it had to do - while keeping both me & my baby safe. Midwifery care & these two wonderful ladies are truly an asset to the safe delivery of babies & to the support of moms & families in the central region. Thanks so much Jenn & Jess for the great midwifery care & assisting our family to welcome our third little one safely into this world!"
Amanda & Kevin Holt

"As someone who experienced my first birth naturally in the care of our family doctor, I knew that choosing midwives for the care of my second pregnancy was the way I wanted to go when my doctor told me he was not doing obstetrics anymore. The care that I received from Jenn and Jess was so personalized, and so fantastic, that I don"t think I would consider choosing anyone else for prenatal care if I were to have another child. They really take the time to know you, and to do anything they can to make sure you are well informed about the decisions you make throughout your pregnancy, birth and postpartum, as well as making sure you are comfortable with the care you are receiving from them. I had a great pregnancy and birth experience with my first baby, and really enjoyed my doctor through the process, but feel very confident in saying that it did not even come close to how pleased I was with my experience with Jenn and Jess. They are so genuinely caring about their clients, and strive very hard to ensure you have a wonderful experience with them. It is very easy to see how much they both enjoy what they do, as they work themselves so hard to do as much possible for everyone in their care. I could not be more pleased with my experience with Jenn and Jess, and would highly recommend them to anyone seeking good prenatal caretakers."
Becca Purcell


"Jess and Jenn were my midwives for my third pregnancy. I had had 2 fairly traumatic births before, and knew I wanted differently for this baby. The entire pregnancy, I felt like a member of my own care team. No decisions were made for me, and they really cared for my entire family during this time. Their care was focused on all of me, and really went above and beyond the care given to me by family physicians in my previous pregnancies. I had my ideal birth on June 1, 2011. The birth was serene, calm, relaxed, everything I could have ever wanted. Having had such a perfect birth was so, so empowering. And erased so much of the damage done by the more traumatic deliveries. I learned a great deal about myself during the pregnancy, labor and delivery, and for that alone, I am grateful. There are no words to convey how special the initial moments with my 3rd child were, the direct skin to skin contact and sense of peace and serenity in the room still makes me smile. Throughout my pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum period, I felt cared for, safe, affirmed and lifted by their gentle words of wisdom and encouragement. For all that, thank you just doesn"t seem enough."
Maggie Convey

"We have been blessed with 3 birth experiences. The first a c-section, the 2nd a MD attended VBAC and the 3rd a mid-wife attended VBAC at the hospital. Our midwifery care embraced our whole family which made attending appointments a pleasure rather than a chore. The ownership we felt in our decisions was encouraged by true dialogue with our midwives. The joy of meeting our first daughter was embraced by both midwives who shared our moment ... not just completing another file! Our respect for midwifery care has been built by Prairie Midwives."
Andrew and Jill Tjepkema

" I feel so blessed to have experienced my pregnancy, birth & postpartum care with such amazing midwives. Jenn and Jess are unbelievable at what they do. They are both such caring, skilled midwives who compliment each other so well. I will be forever grateful to them for making it possible for me to have a great home birth experience, despite a very difficult labour. Without Jenn & Jess, my son's birth would definitely have required medical intervention, and most likely a C-section which I desperately wanted to avoid if possible. Because of this, I am often reminded of how thankful I am for my unbelievable midwives and the gift they gave me of a natural home birth. These midwives are amazing and I will confidently say that there are no better hands to be in than theirs...from the start of pregnancy until 6 weeks after birth! Thanks again Jess & Jenn for everything you've done for me. I can't wait to be under your care again next time!"
Cara-Leigh Lehman

"Having our baby with a Midwife is something that my wife felt very strongly about. She also felt very strongly about having a home birth which was something new to me. I wasn’t certain what to expect using a midwife and I was, admittedly, a bit apprehensive about the home birth. I wanted to be supportive to my wife though and I trust her judgment. It turns out it was a very good choice meeting with Jess and Jenn. It was night and day compared with visiting a regular doctor at a clinic. They spent time getting to know us, carefully explained the various tests and procedures as the pregnancy progressed and treated both of us with respect. They answered all of our questions (no matter how strange) with knowledge, confidence and reassurance. The birth at home was also a wonderful experience. They visited our home a few weeks before the due date to be sure we had everything we needed and were there as soon as the birthing progressed to the point where we needed them. I would recommend using their services as Midwives to anyone without hesitation."
Kurt P.

"Having delivered my first child in the hospital, I can say with a fair amount of certainty that I would have ended up with a cesarian delivery if I had been in the hospital for my second labour. Jen and Jess knew how important a home birth was to me and they waited patiently through the hours of my labour to ensure that I would have the labour that I wanted. They kept me informed of my options, made suggestions (never telling me what to do), pushed me a little when I wanted to give up and were gentle and kind beyond belief. I had a successful home birth and both my baby and I came out of the labour happy and healthy. I was amazed at how quickly I healed from this labour. I would highly recommend Jen and Jess to anyone."
Andria K.

"We feel so blessed to have had such an amazing home birth experience. I was so thankful for the time given to prenatal appointments to discuss my concerns and the encouragement and support I felt all along the way. I loved being involved and informed on any decisions made regarding my pregnancy and birth. The birth itself was amazing and I felt so empowered and encouraged to have the calm and natural birth my body was built to have. After a previous C-section, followed by a successful VBAC birth, this home water birth was everything I had hoped for. I felt so safe and reassured and truly feel this was the best start our baby could have. Thank you for being such an important part of bringing our little Elliot into the world."

"Thank you so much for everything. This birth experience was awesome. The calmness and “ease” of the birthing environment is exactly the way a babe should be welcomed into the world… it was perfect. Your support and encouragement of Chelsea was amazing and greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!"

"We are so grateful to Jenn and Jess for the amazing experience we were able to enjoy with the birth of our son, Elias. From the beginning of care until our son was 6 weeks old, Jenn and Jess ensured we were comfortable, educated and informed every step of the way. They sought to empower us as parents and to not just endure pregnancy and birth but to enjoy the journey and appreciate the experience. We were blessed to welcome our son into our home through an intimate, comfortable, loving environment where Jenn and Jess ensured complete support, safety and above all love. Words can not describe how grateful we are for our beautiful midwives. Their passion and skill in welcoming babies safely into the world are undeniable. If we are ever blessed with another child, Jenn & Jess will most certainly be our first phone call."
Jilene and Duane Hay

"My husband and I would have it no other way....... Midwife all the way!!!! We had the best pregnancy and birth we could of ever imagined. Jenn and Jess were always right there for us from pregnancy to delivering our baby! They have lots of insight, knowledge, natural books, dvds, contacts and are so good at what they do! In fact they let us borrow an amazing book called "Well Adjusted Babies", we loved it, ended up buying our own and use it all the time! I am not a big fan of "clinical settings" ......I always felt comfortable and relaxed when we came for our visits. Jenn and Jess you really are amazing midwifes! As a first time mom I never worried or felt scared at all, which is crazy because I always have feared giving birth. During delivery Jenn did everything that we wanted, just like we had discussed in our prenatal appointments. It was such a blessing to be able to have a natural birth with no pain killers and to be able to nurse my baby with in seconds after she was delivered. We had a long labour and yet Jenn stuck in there with us and gave my body time (knowing that I was ok) to deliver my baby naturally. We were out of the hospital the next day! On June 4, 2012 we will be celebrating our little girls first birthday. We really do believe having the support right from the beginning of being pregnant, our midwife has made Kaylee the most happiest, healthest, stongest little girl we could of ever been blessed with. Big decisions, healthy reward! As first time parents it was the greatest experience! We feel so blessed and are very thankful for the opportunity to have a midwife. We are excited to do it all over again, and share another beautiful journey together! Thank you Jenn and Jess!"
Travis, Angela and Kaylee Mayner

"Upon being accepted into care we felt as though the weight of the world had been lifted off of our shoulders. We could now rest assure knowing the care we were going to be provided would be one that would match our vision. This was our first pregnancy and with so much to learn and think about we would leave each appointment feeling empowered by the information and literature provided to help us make the best informed decisions along the way. The caring nature of each appointment was such that it helped me and my husband to stay calm and relaxed through the pregnancy. The wellbeing of me and our baby along with our wishes and requests were always at the top of the priority list during care. When our home birth had to transport to the hospital, Jenn and Jess handled it professionally, always keeping our best interests in mind. I felt reassured and informed the entire time. The support and care during the entire labour and delivery was amazing and our aftercare was second to none. I can’t imagine going through my pregnancy without these amazing ladies by side. Our experience is one that will never be forgotten. We are forever grateful for all that you do and your commitment to care."
Kirk, Michelle & Grandon Gallais

"I want to say thank you in helping bring our son into this world. I am very grateful that you decided to assist us during our pregnancy and appreciate the quality of care that we received before, during and after his irth. I appreciate that you made a point of mentioning that you wanted to see the father at a few of the meetings. Not only did this stress the importance of the supporting role of the father but also showed that you wanted the father involved in every step of the process. It also provided an opportunity for me to ask any questions as well as make it more comfortable for me with the home pregnancy process. Since the focus is on having a home pregnancy, I liked the idea of meeting in your home and having more of an informal appointment rather than meeting in a clinic. This approach made both my wife and I very comfortable around both of you, which was very important to us. Having you guys come to our home before the birth also helped reduce some stress of having a home birth. This is a great idea because you were able to provide us advice of where everything should take place and ensure that we had the correct supplies on hand. We also appreciated you coming to our home for the first couple of appointments after our son was born. This was great as we didn't have to transport him in the middle of winter. One of the main differences that I found with the care you provide versus the care a doctor provides is in time. I am not only grateful in the time you spent with us during the process but the time you present to women to allow their bodies to cope with the undertaking of giving birth. Although Tara’s water broke a couple of days before our son was born, you provided her the option of time so that her body could get things going on its own. Not only did we avoid the use of drugs to aid in the process of induction but I am sure that everyone is doing better because of it. I also like the fact that we weren’t rushed after the baby was born. I was surprised by the fact that Tara just held our son right after he was born with the umbilical cord still attached. There was no rush to cut the umbilical cord, weigh him, and do all that ‘stuff’ that can wait until after mother and baby have had time to bond skin to skin. I don’t doubt the fact that our son would have been born healthy if he would have been delivered by a doctor but I am pretty sure that he has a better chance of staying that way under the care of a midwife! I wish you both well in expanding midwifery care in central Alberta and really appreciate everything that you both did for my family and me." Thank you,
Chad Nielsen

"I simply could not imagine what it would have been like to go through pregnancy, labour and birth without both Jess and Jenn by our side. We were made to feel as if we were their only clients, they supported us through the tough decisions, and encouraged us to make well educated informed choices throughout my pregnancy. Our homebirth was amazing!! They were the perfect mix of gentle and firm throughout my long labour and completely allowed me to be myself through it all. Thank you for the unconditional love and support we felt from you both!"
Kirsten & Seth

"My name is Roxana Bearden and I have two beautiful girls. Both births were completely different as my oldest daughter was born at the Hospital. I wanted a natural birth without interventions and ended up having a 36 hour induced back labour, with forced epidural. As when I was pregnant with my first Red Deer had no midwives. My second pregnancy was everything I wanted. I have known Jen for a while and when I found out that she was able to take clients as a midwife I was there. I had a good pregnancy and had planned a water birth. My husband was concerned about me having a home birth but allowed me to have the birth I wanted. Jen was amazing and I had a great experience having my baby at home in the birthing pool. She was always there when ever I needed her and always answered my questions."
Roxana Bearden