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Canadian Association of Midwives Gender Inclusivity and Human Rights

Protecting Patients from Sexual Abuse or Misconduct (Bill 21)

It is ALWAYS your right to feel safe with the care you are being provided.
We want you to be aware of Bill 21 and its purpose of protecting patients from sexual abuse or misconduct.


1st Trimester


Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada: Routine Ultrasound

Fetal Ultrasound for Keepsake Videos


Nutrition/ Food Safety

Building Incredible Babies  (403) 343-6400

BIBs is a no cost voluntary program to assist pregnant people with nutrition, healthy choices & pregnancy support. Prenatal vitamins and grocery gift cards can be provided for families experiencing financial challenges. To qualify you must be under 28 weeks gestation and live in Central Alberta. 

Healthy Eating and Pregnancy 

Canada Food Guide

Eating for a Healthy Pregnancy

Healthy Vegetarian Eating

Folic Acid and Neural Tube Defects

Eating Fish: What Pregnant Women and Parents Should Know

Omega 3 Fish Oil and Pregnancy

Food Safety for Pregnant Women

Safe Food Handling in the Home

Alberta Fish Consumption Advisory

Free Food in Alberta: Central Zone

RD Nutrition

Prairie Midwives: Food Journal

Book: Real Food for Pregnancy by Lily Nichols


Iron Deficiency Anemia

Iron Deficiency Anemia and You (other languages available)

Anemia and Pregnancy

Dietitians of Canada: Food sources of Iron


Birth Trauma

Solace for Mothers Online Support Group

The Birth Trauma Association

Birth Narratives


Sheila Kitzinger: Birth Crisis

Penny Simkin & Phyllis Klaus: When Survivors give birth: Understanding and healing effects of early sexual abuse for childbearing women

Pam England & Rob Horowitz: Birthing from Within

Kim Thomas: Birth Trauma: A guide for You, Your Friends and Family to Coping with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder following Birth

2nd Trimester
Labour & Birth
Newborn & Postpartum

Postpartum Planning

When your friends and family ask what you may need for when the baby comes one of the best gifts is food! This can be in the form of homemade meals and snacks or there are multiple delivery meal box options available. 

Motherly: Creating a postpartum sanctuary plan is just as important as your birth plan

Planning for the Postpartum Period

Meal Train


Postpartum Adjustment

TED Talks: A new way to think about the transition to motherhood by Alexandra Sacks 

Motherly: A Letter to Myself in the Middle of the 4th Trimester Fog 

Healthy Parents Healthy Children: Parenting a Newborn and Taking Care of Yourself

See the section “Prenatal and Postpartum Mental Health”


Pelvic Floor Health

This topic is in the postpartum section as it is more frequently discussed during this time period. Pelvic health though is applicable to all stages of pregnancy. More and more physiotherapists offer pelvic floor physiotherapy. Speak to your midwife for suggestions.

Bellies Inc Blog

FemFusion Fitness: Various videos for pelvic health education and exercise

Pelvic Health & Rehabilitation Center Blog

Pelvienne Wellness Inc.

Childbirth medical interventions and pelvic floor dysfunction

Exercising after Birth

What is Stress Incontinence? What You Need to Know About Leaking Urine

FemFusion Fitness Pelvic Floor Release (Pelvic Pain)

Postpartum sex, your pelvic floor and your body 

How to do a proper

Not everyone needs to or should do kegels. If you do, this is a great video on how to properly do kegels. A pelvic floor physiotherapist is the most appropriate professional to advise on to kegel or not to kegel.


Self Care 

Prairie Midwives: Postpartum Instructions

Prairie Midwives: Caring for Your Perineum After a Tear

C-section Scar Problems and Solutions from a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

Life After Postpartum Hemorrhage


Newborn Vitamin K

Prairie Midwives: Vitamin K Prophylaxis for Newborns 

Caring for Kids: Vitamin K for Newborns

Evidenced Based Birth: The Vitamin K Shot in Newborns 


Newborn Feeding – Breast or Chest Feeding

Prairie Midwives: Breastfeeding in the First Few Weeks

Luna Lactation & Wellness: Resources 

La Leche League: Breastfeeding Info A to Z

Global Health Media: Breastfeeding videos (First hours, Positions, Attaching, Hand expression, etc)

KellyMom: Evidenced based information on breastfeeding and parenting

International Breastfeeding Centre: Starting Out Right 

La Leche League: Is My Baby Getting Enough Milk? 

La Leche League: Positioning 

International Breastfeeding Centre: What is a good latch? 

La Leche League: Tongue and Lip Ties

Luna Lactation: Post Frenotomy Exercises

International Breastfeeding Centre: Videos

International Breastfeeding Centre: Info Sheets

Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment

Prairie Midwives: Erythromycin Eye Ointment for Newborns 

Preventing Opthalmia Neonatorum

Evidenced Based Birth: Erythromycin Eye Ointment for Newborns



Canadian Paediatric Society: Newborn Male Circumcision

MyHealth.Alberta.Ca: Circumcision

Canadian Urological Association: Routine Circumcision: The Opposing Side vs The Pro Side

Care of the Intact Penis 


In Person Lactation Support 

Contact your local public health center 

Breastfeeding Mother’s Drop-In Groups Red Deer

  • New Life Fellowship Church: 7720-52 Ave Red Deer Tuesdays 1:30 – 2:30 pm
  • Sunnybrook United Church: 12 Stanton St., Red Deer Thursdays 10:00 – 11:00 am
  • La Leche League Meetings

Tip of the Tongue: Karrie Page Lactation Consultant 


Where to Rent Breast Pumps:

Red Deer:

  • Millerdale Pharmacy (403) 342-1434
  • London Drugs (403) 342-5222
  • Plaza IDA Pharmacy (403) 340-3784
  • Sobeys (2110 55th Ave) (403) 348-0858


Formula Feeding

Best Start: Infant Formula What You Need to Know 

Healthy Parents Healthy Children: Formula Feeding Your Baby 


Normal Newborn Behaviours, Newborn Care & Safety

Association of Ontario Midwives: Normal Newborn Behaviour 

24hr Cribside Assistance – A website for dads 

Secure Attachment and the “Fourth Trimester” 

Best Start: Guidelines for Nursing Mothers Chart

Healthy Parents Healthy Children: Safe Sleep & Injury Prevention 

Healthy Parents Healthy Children: Newborn Sleeping, Crying & Everyday Care

KidsHealth: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

Tummy Time 


Car Seat Safety

Car Seat Guidelines in Alberta 

Tips For Buying a Car Seat or Booster Seat 

Rear-facing car seat YES test (checklist)

Cruising in Car Seats – Child Passenger Safety Technician 



Period of Purple Crying (A must read if you feel your baby cries too much or has “colic”)

Caring for Kids: Never Shake a Baby 



KellyMom: Newborn Sleep: A discussion with Elizabeth Pantley

La Leche League: Sleep-training or not… 

Is Self Soothing the Biggest Con of New Parenthood? 

8 Ways to Encourage Better Baby & Toddler Sleep – Without Sleep Training 

Co-Sleeping with Your Baby

La Leche League: Sleep: Bedshare 

Newborn Screening

Alberta’s Newborn Metabolic Screening Program 

Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program 

Critical Congenital Heart Disease (CCHD) Screening


Newborn Registration

  • Registration of Birth:  Your midwife will give you the Registration of Birth form to fill out to register your baby’s birth. You will need the birth parent’s social insurance number to apply for child tax benefits. This form will also be used to give your baby a social insurance number and the card will be mailed to you. 
  • Alberta Health Card: After your baby is born your midwife will give you a temporary health card for your baby. The baby’s Alberta Health Card will be mailed to you. If you do not receive it within a month following your baby’s birth please contact Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) office. If you had an out of hospital birth your baby’s name may not be on the card that is mailed to you. Once vital statistics receives the Registration of Birth form and it is processed you will be sent a new health card with the baby’s name on it. 
  • Birth Certificate: A birth certificate is not a document that is often needed immediately. To order a birth certificate you will need to go to a registry office. To learn more about registration of birth and birth certificates, call Service Alberta toll-free at 310-0000, then dial 780-427-7013, or visit the website
  • Alberta Child Health Benefit: Low income families can apply to this program to get eyeglasses, prescription drugs, and dental care for their kids. Visit here for more info.


Vitamin D

Caring for Kids: Vitamin D 

La Leche League: Vitamin D, Your Baby and You 



Caring for Kids: Immunizations 

Government of Alberta: Immunization and routine immunization schedule

Alberta Health Services: Where to Immunize 


Developmental Milestones

Development Timeline 


Family Planning

Red Deer Sexual Health Clinic

Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada: Contraception 

Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada: It’s a Plan – Survey to explore which type of contraception may be right for you.  

Book : Taking Charge of Your Own Fertility: The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control, Pregnancy Achievement, and Reproductive Health by Toni Weschler


Parent Groups/Family Support

Family Services of Central Alberta

Find a Parent Link Center Near You



  • OvaGraph – Official Taking Care of Your Own Fertility App (Fertility Tracking)
  • Mind the Bump – a free mindfulness meditation app to help individuals and couples support their mental and emotional wellbeing in preparation for having a baby and becoming a new parent.
  • OMama – OMama is a website and a mobile application (app) that connects women and families to trusted, evidence-informed healthy pregnancy, birth and early parenting information.
  • Contraction Timer and Counter 9m – this is one of many examples of a contraction timing app
  • The Wonder Weeks – This is an app based on a book to provide parents with a personalized weekly calendar of your baby’s mental development that will keep you informed about the leaps and bounds and the fussy phases of your baby.


Benefits for Low Income Albertans

Alberta Adult Health Benefits 


Complementary Modalities – Acupuncture

Pregnancy and Acupuncture 


Complementary Modalities – Chiropractic 

Can Chiropractic Care Help Pregnancy and Labour


Complementary Modalities – Massage

Can you get a deep tissue massage while you’re pregnant?


Complementary Modalities – Physiotherapy

Pregnancy and Postpartum Physical Therapy


Comprehensive List of Pregnancy and Birth Books

Pregnancy & Childbirth Books 

Prairie Midwives clients please ask your midwife for book recommendations and feel free to access our lending library in the clinic. 


Thinking about using cannabis before or during pregnancy?

Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada: Cannabis

Breastfeeding and Marijuana

How to Reduce the Harms of Non-Medical Cannabis Use

Risks of Cannabis on Fertility, Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Parenting


Prenatal and Postpartum Mental Health

Pregnancy is Not Always What You Expect: Taking Care of Your Mental Health While Planning a Pregnancy or While Pregnant

Coping with Anxiety During Pregnancy and Following Birth

Parents & Anxiety

Anxiety Disorder vs. Stress During Pregnancy

Anxiety Canada: Mindfulness – Mindful Breathing

The Mindful Way Workbook

Managing Depression: A Self-help Skills Resource for Women Living with Depression During Pregnancy, After Delivery and Beyond

Pregnancy and Postpartum Mood Disorders: Postpartum Support International

Perinatal Mental Health for Dads

Self Help Resources for Mental Health Problems

Mindful Connections Postpartum Support Group in Red Deer

Red Deer 49 Street Community Health Centre – Addiction and Mental Health Services: Provides in person one on one counselling in both the prenatal and postpartum period. You can call and book an appointment on your own or your midwife can send in a referral.

Alberta Health Services Prenatal and Postpartum Resources

Mental Health Hotline: 1-877-303-2642 (Toll Free)

Distress Centre  1-403-266-4357 24 hour support, counselling and resources

Cara McGinnis Counselling:  1-403-352-5042

Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale Calculator

myCompass – A personalized self-help tool for your mental health

Hope App