hello, I'm

Shehana Arychuk RM

I did not know what I was getting myself into when I decided in high school that delivering babies was the work I wanted to do. I sat in biology class watching birth videos and I thought to myself that this was how I wanted to find my place in the career world.

I wanted to work in healthcare.
I loved babies and pregnancy was fascinating to me.
I wanted to make decisions.
I believed birth was a naturally intense and beautiful process.
I wanted to have a skill that could be useful on a global scale.

…that was as far as my brain would take me…

I was wide-eyed and mystified as I drove to Calgary, AB a year later to interview for the Midwifery Program. When I started my first midwifery clinical placement I was still new in discovering what this profession means and how to live it well. But somehow, slowly, bit by bit and with the help of many beautiful women I knew as midwifery preceptors, I learned things. I learned how to perform Leopold’s Manoeuvres and how to suture. I learned to protect perineums and to monitor a baby in labour. I learned when to be patient and when to intervene. Eventually I learned enough to be credited a Bachelor of Midwifery and register as a Midwife in Alberta in 2016.

Fast forward to today and I am still learning. Midwifing is far more an art than a science and however I slice it, I will always be learning things. It has been a delight to continue learning how much I believe I really do have the best job ever! I am so blessed to work with families in Central Alberta and to see women do things that exceed their own expectations. Birth is still a miracle to me and the depth of supporting women in pregnancy and birth becomes more profound with time. I have been a part of the Prairie Midwives’ team since 2016 and have worked mostly in the Red Deer area but also spent 5 months as a midwife in Togo, West Africa at a mission hospital in 2019.

When I’m not delivering babies you will find me climbing, hiking, backpacking, biking, swimming, and running outside whenever and wherever I can.